Dairy youth participant washing Brown Swiss heifer

Dairy youth participate in multi-state workshop

Show Like A Pro Dairy Workshop 2022

Kids, cattle and a whole lot of fun! Spring tips off the start of show season for youth around our area and we like to be prepared so with the support of PDCA (Purebred Dairy Cattle Association), we have been holding a dairy workshop for Maryland and neighboring states of Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and Delaware to provide dairy youth a hands-on opportunity to be in the show barns and learn from the very best of the industry.

The event has become a must-do for those participants wishing to expand their dairy-showmanship skills and knowledge, especially if they want to advance to the next level of competition. We’ve seen spectacular results of graduates from workshop taking top honors in county, state and national shows.

Parents and chaperones take a back seat as participants do all of the work. From check-in to washing and clipping to bedding, no skill is left unturned. The entire weekend is meant to mimic a real show, preparation is just a step toward the showring.

The workshop can’t function without the support and help from gracious donors and volunteers. Many youth who have graduated from workshop return to help mold the next generation of dairy kids. Monetary donations and prizes are gathered from around the community in support of dairy youth. Each participant gets to take home at least one prize that is useful to add to their show box, thanks so our sponsors. Each participant awaits excitedly for the final day’s grand prize draw usually boasting items of clippers, wheelbarrow and fans.

The weekend is full of dairy information from feeding to showmanship skills, veterinary care and clipping. Each participant’s level of experience maintains their grouping assignment ranging from beginner to master classes. Participants vary from farming background to the leasing program, all levels of experience are welcome to attend. Many of our participants return from year to year because absorbing more information is what’s needed to gain experience on the show circuit. The Fit Out Challenge and Master Program are additional competitions other than the mandatory showmanship contest so any level of experience remains challenged from year to year.

We look forward to seeing how participants do during the show year. Good luck!

For more information about Show Like A Pro visit www.showlikeapro.org

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